• Hardox, Bisalloy, Creusabro, XAR, Brinar, Sumihard, Fora, Ympress,JFE Everhard
  • Plat Boiler,SS41,SS400,Plat Kapal,A36,BKI,SPCC,SPHC
  • 3Cr12,210,304/304L,AISI 310,316/316L,403, 410,430,Durinox
  • AISI 1045,AISI 4140,AISI 4340,SCM415,SCM435,SCM440,DIN 42CrMo4,DIN 34NiCrMo6,
  • S45C,S50C,VCL140,VCN150,ASSAB,Bohler, Thyssenkrupp
  • SKD11, SKD61, SKS3, SKT4, HSS, Tungsteen Carbide
  • H-Beam,I-Beam,WF Beam,UNP,C-Channel,Besi Siku,King Cross, T-Section
  • Toko Besi,Jual Besi Baja,harga Plat dan RounBar

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Standard Equivalent
Cold Work Steel K-990 SK 4 W110 1.1545
K-107 - - 1.2436
K-460 SKS 3 O1 1.2510
K-305 SKD 12 A2 1.2363
K-110 KNL SKD 11 D2 1.2379
K-455 SKS 41 S1 1.2550
K-720 SKS 93 O2 1.2842
Hot Work Steel W 302 Superior SKD 61 H13 1.2344
W 500 SKT 4 L6 1.2714
W 303 - - 1.2367
K 600 - - 1.2767
Plastic Mould Steel M 202 SUS 420 J2 P20 1.2311
M 300 - 1.2316
M 238 / M461 NAK 80 P21 1.2738
Precipitation N 700 17-4 PH 630 1.4542
High Speed Steel S-600 SKH 51 M2 1.3343
S-700 SKH55 M35 1.3243
Machinery Steel VCL 140 SCM 440 4140 1.7225
VCN 150 SNCM 439 4340 1.6582
Heat Resisting Steel H-550 Antitherm - - -
Carbon Steel EMS 45 S 45C 1045 1.1730
Wear Resisting Steel F-180 Chronit VM - - -
V-930 Chronit HM - - -
Chronit S - - -
K-700 Chronos - - -

Product List

BÖHLER Special Materials,
Bohler K100
Bohler K105
Bohler K340
Bohler K353
Bohler K390 PM
Bohler K490 PM
Bohler K510
Bohler M238
Bohler M202
Bohler M200
Bohler M303
Bohler M310
Bohler M315
Bohler M333 ISOPLAST
Bohler M340 ISOPLAST
S790 PM
S290 PM
S390 PM
S590 PM

Stainless Chromium Steel
Heat Treating Steel


Bohler-Uddeholm steel grades in Flats & Rounds:
UDDEHOLM VANADIS® Powder Metal Steel
Bohler W302 / W302 ISOBLOC
Bohler W303
Bohler W321
Bohler W360 ISOBLOC
Bohler W403 VMR
Bohler W500
420 Prehard Stainless,
420 ESR Stainless,
4120/4150 Holder,
Precision Flat Ground Stock and Drill Rod,
Mold Quality S7,
Beryllium Copper Alloys,

BÖHLER Machinery Steels EMS 45
Low stressed parts in set of tools, all type of hand tools and agricultural tools, structural parts for composit tools

BÖHLER Wear Resisting Steels
F-180 CHRONIT VM Application
Wearing parts in mineral dressing and hard material crushing plants: mill hammers, beater bars screening and grinding rods and pins, sheets, lining for hard materials, crushing and materials, handling equipment in mines, quarries and smiliar applications ( chips, rod metal ) Bohler- chronit VM is preferred for weldments.

V-930 CHRONIT HM Application
Construction where resistance to wear is required, such as in earthmoving machines, transports and grinding equipments, scrapers, shredders and other smiliar machines.

CHRONIT S Application
For the envisaged wear-exposed structures, e.g excavaling, mining and earthmoving machinery, conveying, crushing and pulverizing equipment, scrap pressing equipment.

Various components for hard crushing, bulk material handling, ore dressing and processing equipment, such as crusher jaws, impact bars, impact plates, hammer, breakers plates, grizzly bars, liners, elevators buckets, dredger teeth, scraper teeth, bucket links, track rollers, secure box etc

BÖHLER Heat Resisting Steel
Heat treatment shops; boxes and pots, muffles, retorts, jigs and fixture, furnace and steam boiler construction; Grates and grate segments, fittings and conveyor parts, and walking beams, rails, pistons, axle rollers, doors, slides, flaps, casings, recuperators, fans, super heater suspensions, pipe clamps, soot blower tubes. Glass porcelain, enamelling, cement and ceramics industries; Burner nozzlels, rings, segment and other parts for rotary and lepols klins. General engineering; Grate bars, valves and spindles, stirring arms and teeth, thermocouple protecting tubes, fitting, drums screws, nuts, rivets, petroleum industry: Tubes and turbular parts

BÖHLER Special Materials
Hardened cutting tools with excellent edge-holding property, such as knives blades, cutting surgical instruments, rotary knives for the meat processing industry, plate and knive-edge fulcrums, corrosion resistant roller bearings, valve needles and pistons for refrigerating machines.

Balls, rollers, needles and rings for corrosion resistant bearings

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