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Jenis-jenis Tampilan Permukaan Stainless (Surface finishes)

Definisi yang paling umum dari tampilan permukaan stainless steel disediakan oleh ASTM A480 dan EN 10088.
Dibawah ini adalah jenis-jenis tampilan permukaan stainless steel setelah penyelesaian akhir (Surface Finishes) menggunakan standar ASTM A480:
No. 0: Hot rolled, annealed, thicker plates
No. 1: Hot rolled, annealed and passivated
No. 2D: Cold rolled, annealed, pickled and passivated
No. 2B: The general-purpose, cold rolled, smooth finish obtained as a result of a final light pass through polished rolls at the mill.
No. 2BA: Bright annealed (BA or 2R) same as above then bright annealed under oxygen-free atmospheric condition
No. 3: Coarse abrasive finish applied mechanically
No. 4: Brushed finish
No. 5: Satin finish
No. 6: Matte finish (brushed but smoother than #4)
No. 7: Reflective finish
No. 8: Mirror finish
No. 9: Bead blast finish
No. 10: Heat colored finish-wide range of electropolished and heat colored surfaces

No. 1 Finish
Permukaan kasar, pudar (dull), sesuai untuk aplikasi industri dimana umumnya mengunakan plat tebal. Jika digerenda (grinding), akan kelihatan tanda (bekas) gerenda pada permukaannya.

No. 2D Finish
Permukaaan sedikit kasar serupa dengan kulit jeruk, lebih unggul dari No.1 finish, sesuai untuk aplikasi industri.

No. 2B Finish
Permukaan halus dengan warna silver, lebih terang/kilau dari 2D dan semi-reflective (seperti cermin yang buram). Tipe ini merupakan yang paling umum digunakan.

No. 2BA Finish
Umumnya ditunjuk sebagai bright annealed (BA) finish. Tipe ini memiliki permukaan yang halus, mengkilap dan daya pantul menyerupai kaca (mirror). Digunakan untuk: alat-alat dapur, perlengkapan makan, peralatan pengolah makanan, alat kedokteran, komponen arsitektur, alat pancing dan lain-lain.

No. 4 Brushed Finish
Memiliki permukaan halus dengan garis-garis, tidak begitu memantulkan cahaya, sesuai untuk produk yang pemakaiannya cukup kasar seperti alat-alat dapur restoran, alat pengolah makanan, aksesories kamar kecil.

Hairline (HL) Finish
Tipe ini serupa dengan No 4 tapi memiliki garis yang lebih panjang (continuous long grain), sering digunakan pada lift/ elevator, panel tiang, dekorasi arsitektur. SS-304 HL cocok untuk alat-alat dapur (kitchen ware), peralatan medis.

No. 7 Reflective finish
Memiliki permukaan dengan tingkat pantulan cahaya cukup tinggi.

No. 8 Mirror Finish
Memiliki permukaan daya kilap dengan tingkat pantulan cahaya yang tinggi, permukaan yang sempurna (bebas cacat) dan tampilan seperti cermin.

Cold rolled, Hot rolled & Special finishes

Cold rolled finishes
Surface finishes Finishing Process Route Remark
2B Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, skin passed Most common 'cold rolled' finish available. Non-reflective, smooth finish, good flatness control. Thickness range limited by manufactures' skin passing rolling capacity.
2C Cold rolled, heat treated, not descaled Smooth with scale from heat treatment, suitable for parts to be machined or descaled in subsequent production or where the parts are for heat resisting applications.
2D Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled Thicker sheet size ranges. Smoothness not as good as 2B, but adequate for most purposes.
2E Cold rolled, heat treated, mechanically descaled Rough and dull. Usually applied to steels with a scale which is very resistant to pickling solutions
2H Cold rolled, work hardened "Temper" rolling on austenitic types improves mechanical strength. Smoothness similar to 2B
2R Cold rolled, bright annealed Highly reflective "mirror" finish, very smooth. Often supplied with plastic coatings for pressings. Manufactured items usually put into service without further finishing
2Q Cold rolled, hardened and tempered, scale free Only available on martensitic types (eg 420). Scaling avoided by protective atmosphere heat treatment or descaling after heat treatment
Hot rolled finishes
1C Hot rolled, heat treated, not descaled Surface covered with mill scale. Finished parts may be suitable for heat (oxidation) resisting applications as supplied, but should be descaled to optimise corrosion resistance
1E Hot rolled, heat treated, mechanically descaled Free of mill scale by shot blasting or grinding. This finish can also limit the crevice corrosion resistance
1D Hot rolled, heat treated, pickled Most common 'hot rolled' finish available. Most corrosion resistant hot rolled finish specified
1U Hot rolled, not heat treated, not descaled Surface is left covered with rolling (mill) scale. Surface suitable for products intended for further working eg strip for re-rolling.
Special finishes
1G or 2G Ground Can be based on either '1' or '2' ex-mill finishes. A unidirectional texture, not very reflective
1J or 2J Brushed or dull polished Can be based on either '1' or '2' ex-mill finishes Smoother than "G" with a unidirectional texture, not very reflective
1K or 2K Satin polished Can be based on either '1' or '2' ex-mill finishes Smoothest of the special non-reflective finishes with corrosion resistance suitable for most external applications.
1P or 2P Bright polished Can be based on either '1' or '2' ex-mill finishes Mechanically polished reflective finish. Can be a mirror finish.
2F Cold rolled, heat treated, skin passed on roughened rolls Uniform non-reflective matt surface, can be based on either 2B or 2R mill finishes
1M or 2M Patterned Can be based on either '1' or '2' ex-mill finishes. One side patterned only. Includes "chequer" plates ("1" ex-mill finish) & fine textures finishes ("2" ex-mill finish)
2W Corrugated Profile rolled (eg trapezoidal or sinusoidal shapes)
2L Coloured Applied to flat (2R, 2P or 2K type fishes) or patterned (2M) sheet base finishes in a range of colours
1S or 2S Surface coated Can be based on either '1' or '2' ex-mill finishes . Normally coated on one side only with a metallic coating, such as tin, aluminium or titanium

Comparison of current surface finish codes with BS 1449 (obsolete)

- Description BS1449-2 ASTM (A480)
1D Hot rolled, heat treated, pickled 1 1
2B Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, skin passed 2B 2B
2D Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled 2D 2D
2R Cold rolled, bright annealed 2A BA
2G Cold rolled, ground 3A No.3
2J Cold rolled, brushed or dull polished 3B (or 4) No.4
2K Cold rolled, satin polished 5 No.6
2P Cold rolled, bright polished 8 No.8

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