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HSS Steel Grade & Equivalent

High speed steels are frequently abbreviated in Japanese as "Hice". The symbol for these materials is SKH. High speed steels can be based on Tungsten (W) or on Molybdenum (Mo). These are specified in JIS G 4403.

About 18% of tungsten is added in tungsten-based high speed steels, and they do not contain any molybdenum. These steels come in the types of SKH2, SKH3, SKH4, and SKH10. Since steels of this series have high wear resistance, they are used very frequently in cutting tools, etc.

About 5% of molybdenum and about 6% of tungsten are added in molybdenum - based high speed steels. These steels come in the nine types of SKH51 to SKH59. Since steels of this series have a high toughness, they are ideally suitable for press dies that are subject to shock. SKH51 (old symbol SKH9) is the type used most frequently.

SKH 55 is similar to SKH 51 but with 5% cobalt added. SKH55 frequently called High Speed Steel Cobalt (HSS-Co). Better hot hardness and wear resistance, has excellent cutting performance. Suitable for heat treatment up to 66 HRC

Equivalent Grades

Japanese American German China
(JIS) (W.Nr) (DIN)
SKH51 AISI M2 1.3343 HS6-5-2 W6Mo5Cr4V2
SKH55 AISI M35 1.3243 HS6-5-2-5 W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5
SKH59 AISI M42 1.3247 HS2-10-1-8 W2Mo9Cr4VCo8
SKH2 AISI T1 1.3355 HS18-0-1 W18Cr4V
SKH3 AISI T4 1.3255 HS18-1-2-5 W18Cr4VCo5
SKH4 AISI T5 1.3265 HS18-1-2-10 W18Cr4VCo8
SKH57 AISI T42 1.3207 HS10-4-3-10 -

HSS Brand

Japan Austria Sweden China
JIS G4403 Daido Hitachi Nippon Bohler Assab Est
SKH51 MH51 YXM1 H51 S600 VANADIS23 DF6
SKH55 MH55 YXM4 HM35 S705 ASP60 DF35
SKH59 - YXM42 HM42 S500 XW-41 DF42
SKH2 WH2 - - S200 618 DF18
SKH3 WH3 - - S305 618 -
SKH4 - - - - - -
SKH57 - - - S700 ASP23 -

The tempered hardness of high speed steels is more than 63 HRC, higher than the tempered hardness of the die steel SKD11 which is about 62 HRC. High speed steel is used very frequently for small diameter punches, etc., in which case the wear resistance and toughness of die steels are somewhat insufficient.

Powdered High Speed Tool Steel

Similar to the method of manufacturing ordinary tool steel, high speed tool steel is manufactured by solidifying molten material.
A uniform and fine structure of powdered high speed tool steel is prepared by first finely powdering the molten material, and solidifying that powder. By doing this, the wear resistance, toughness, and fatigue resistance all are increased. A sintered hardness of about 64 to 70 HRC is obtained.
These steels are used when using high speed die steels are not satisfactory. JIS has standardized powdered high speed tool steel in SKH40 (molybdenum based). A large number of manufacturers use originally developed steels.

Equivalent Grades Powder High Speed Steel

Chemical Composition

Co 8.0


Fine blanking press dies, punch for stainless steel, etc

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