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Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant HSLA

Atmospheric corrosion resistant HSLA structural quality steel is stronger & tougher than carbon steel, is ductile, highly formable & weldable. High-strength low-alloy structural steel features atmospheric corrosion resistance, which is crucial in structural applications. Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel is intended primarily for use in structural members, where savings in weight (mass) and added durability matter. Plate is used in truck frames, brackets, crane booms, rail cars and other comparable applications.

The increased strength of high strength low alloy structural steel means that structures can be built lighter, with less steel. This is important for car and truck construction as it improves fuel economy and is less damaging to road surfaces. In bridge design the center spans can be longer and will need fewer supporting beams. The extra strength of HSLA steel makes it more durable and offers a longer useful life span, making it a wise choice for street lighting poles, oil storage tanks and earth moving equipment.

See ASTM G101 for estimating the atmospheric corrosion resistance of low alloy steels. One method gives an estimate of the long-term thickness loss of steel at a specific site based on results of short-term tests. The other gives an estimate of relative corrosion resistance based on chemical composition.

A588 Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant HSLA Steel

High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel

A588 atmospheric corrosion resistant HSLA steel is a high-strength low-alloy structural steel with up to a 50 ksi minimum yield point featuring atmospheric corrosion resistance. A588 atmospheric corrosion resistant HSLA steel is a structural steel in plate form for welding, riveting or bolting in construction applications, primarily welded bridges and buildings where savings in weight or added durability are important. The atmospheric corrosion resistance of this steel in most environments is substantially better than that of carbon structural steels with or without copper addition. When properly exposed to the atmosphere, this steel is suitable for many applications in the bare (unpainted) condition.

Chemical Requirements:

Carbon .19 max .20 max .15 max .17 max
Manganese .80 - .125 .75 - .135 .80 – 1.35 .50 – 1.20
Phosphorous .04 max .04 max .04 max .04 max
Sulfur .05 max .05 max .05 max .05 max
Silicon .30 - .65 .15 - .50 .15 - .40 .25 - .50
Nickel .40 max .50 max .25 - .50 .40 max
Chromium .40 - .65 .40 - .70 .30 - .50 .40 - .70
Molybdenum .10 max
Copper .25 - .40 .20 - .40 .20 - .50 .30 - .50
Vanadium .02 - .10 .01 - .10 .01 - .10
Columbium .005 - .05

Mechanical Requirements:

ThicknessUp to 4”Over 4” to 5”Over 5” to 8”
Yield Strength 50,000psi 46,000psi 42,000psi
Tensile Strength 70,000psi 67,000psi 63,000psi
Elongation in 2” test 21% 21% 21%
Elongation in 8” test 18%

Steel Plate Product:

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