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Perbandingan Steel 2316, 2311 & 2083

Product: 2316, 2311 & 2083 Steel
Kategori: Plastic Mould Steel
Standar: DIN
Grades: 1.2316, 1.2311 & 1.2083


SUS 420 J2
2311 iso BM


2083 is a stainless in matesitic (AISI420), So, it can stand for corrosive and can be quench to enhance it's strength together with corrosive resistance properties
Hardness can reach up to 56 HRC , this also benefit to polishing properties and can do texturing.
Suitable for plastic mold that need corrosive resistance such as amino plastic,
thermoplastic which has severe decompose of acitic acid as well as PVC plastic

2311 offer in the condition of quenching and tempering Hardness is in the range of 280-325 HB (29-34 HRC) , this result in high strength Worry free for size distorted after quenching Suitable for plastic mold with thickness less than 400 mm Very good for polishing and suit for plastic mold that need bright surface or need texturing
2316 are in the class of plastic mold and stainless steel which was developed from 2083 (AISI420)
By adding more composition of Chromium and Molybdinum, it can increase corrosive resistance
Moreover, it also comes with quenching and tempering as normal selling condition
Hardness is in range 300 HB (30 HRC), result in easy to machining without  hardening againg
Also, help avoid changing in its dimension from hardening process
Suitable for plastic mold that require corrosive resistance during plastic making such as
PVC, Amino plastic and thermo plastic

OutStanding Properties 2083

•  Corrosive resistance
•  Hardness homogeneity through all area after hardening
•  High strength and tensile
•  Polishing properties
•  Abrasive resistance
•  Machining ability
•  Texturing ability
•  Welding ability

OutStanding Properties 2311

•  Texturing ability due to low sulfer
•   High Strength
•   Can do EDM and Wire cut
•   Homogeniety hardness throughout every area
•   Risk free from bend as cause by heat treatment process
•   Can do Nitriding , surface hardness at 650 HV
•   Can do hard chrome , surface hardness at 1000 HV

OutStanding Properties 2316

•  Higher corrosive resistance as compared to 2083 at its class
•  Higher strength as compare to 2083
•  Wear and corrosive resistance
•  strength enough to stand for presssure from injection plastic mold
•  Texturing properties in equivalent to 2311
•  Machining ability is in moderate level
•  Can do EDM well
•  Risk free of damange from heat treatment process
•  Homogeneity hardness throughout the whole thickness
•  Hardening ability in high level
•  Hardness after hardening process less than 2083
•  Can do Passivation to enhance corrosive reisstance.


Roundbar: 10mm - 220mm
Flat: 10mm - 120mm

Perbandingan Chemical Composition 2316, 2311, 2083 & SUS 420 J2

Type C Cr Mn Si S P Ni/V Mo
2316 0.33-0.45 15.0-17.0 1.5 Max 1.0 Max 0.030  0.030 1.0 Max 0.80-1.30
2311 0.35-0.45 1.80-2.10 1.30-1.60 0.20-0.40 0.030 0.030 - 0.15-0.25
2083 0.39 13.72 0.46 0.83 0.001 0.018 /0.29
SUS 420J2 0.26-0.40 12.00-14.00 1.00 1.00 0.030 0.040 - -

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2316 is a stainless steel and tool steel in the class of Plastic mold Selling condition is harden and temper
Hardness in range of 1000 N/mm2 suitable for plastic mold Especially corrosive resistance and rusty
condition mold such as Amino Plastic, PVC, Thermo plastic
Thanks to wear and corrosive resistance properties, it can also apply to shaft and other parts of water pump
Also, good to use in machinery part that require strength with corrosive resistance. For example,

•   High corrosive Plastic mold
•   Plastic extrusion mold
•   Machinery part , shaft of water pump and staple part
•   Compressor part
•   Insert sleeve which made of 2083 to enhance strength and corrosive properties.

2311 tensile strength are at 1,000 N/mm2, this is suitable for plastic mold and steel forming tool Such as , Injection plastic mold, especially in thermo plastic that do not require corrosive resistance Mold frame for plasttic mold and die casting in low volume production Sleeves and die holder for extrusion

1.2083 BS EN ISO 4957 is in the class of stainless steel and tooling for plastic mould
Its reputation stand by the corrosive resistance properties.
Rust free throughout storage period Good for mold application in high humidity,
water cooling condition Suitable for any plastic mold, mold that require high corrosive such as
Amino plastic, thermo plastic PVC Plastic Moreover, it can stand for abrasive and wear,
so this is good for plastic thermo setting mold Thanks to its polishing ability,
it can be used for Spectacular lens, camera lens, science experimental tube, syringe
Also, good for any cutting task like knife, cutting tool, kitchen utensil, spring,
seal valve or machine part for mining/wood industry. Ruler and Slider calipers


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